Create Your Perfect Custom Ring Binder - Paper Over Board

When creating a ring binder there are options to suit every budget, but first you need to choose your material. In this blog we will give you an overview of paper over board.


Paper over board gives you immense flexibility in your choice of design and graphics. We wrap laminated printed sheets over board and line with a plain or printed liner sheet.


Your binder can be any size you like, A5, A4, A3, portrait or landscape or you can choose a completely different size. The size of the ring mechanism is crucial. This determines the overall size of the ring binder. All of our standard binder sizes are designed to take standard paper size plus a 13mm tab. To determine the size of ring mechanism you need, you will need to know how many leaves of paper you will be placing in the binder and the weight of the paper. As a rough guide, 100 leaves of 100gsm paper take up 11mm. Ring mechanisms increase in 5mm increments from 15mm to 65mm and can have either 2 or 4 rings. There are also two sizes of Lever Arch ring mechanism available.


All printed sheets need to be gloss or matt laminated. We do not recommend a matt laminate if your design is predominantly a solid dark colour as this tends to mark very easily when handled.

You can supply your own prints, laid down to our specification or we can supply the prints. For small runs we might use digital prints. The liner sheet can be plain white, a matching printed solid colour or printed full colour, it can be laminated or left as it is.

An alternative to a printed sheet, is to use a textured colorplan (or similar) paper for the outer. This can be foil blocked or debossed for a really upmarket look.


Self-adhesive ticket pockets can be added to the spine and business card pockets or CD pockets can be added on the inside front or back covers.

Every binder we make is bespoke, so you can choose any combination of the above options.


To keep your documents extra secure, why not consider a slipcase to hold the ring binder, which can be branded to match the ring binder?


Another option is to have an additional spine coming off the back cover and closing with hidden magnets.

Our ring binders are used for HR Manuals, Health & Safety Guides, Training Manuals, Conference packs, Information Packs, Staff Handbooks, Product brochures

We supply Law Firms, Schools, Health Authorities, Professional Bodies, Training Providers, Design Agencies, Marketing companies, Car Retailers, Yachts, Football Clubs

In the next blog, we’ll look at creating the perfect PU ring binder.